Histamine can help with the following


Multiple Sclerosis / Risk

Dr. George Gillson, M.D., Ph.D., reports that after six weeks of treatment with histamine in 19 individuals with multiple sclerosis


Meniere's Disease

Histamine diphosphate therapy at 2.75mg in 500cc of 5% dextrose solution given in a slow intravenous infusion can relieve an episode of severe dizziness and nausea due to Meniere’s disease. Periodic infusions can lengthen the interval between these episodes. At the University of Maryland Medical System’s Looper Clinic, this therapy is performed on 4 to 6 patients each week. [“IV Histamine for Meniere’s”, Guyther, J. Roy, M.D., Cortlandt Forum, May 1994;78 75-8]

(Address: J. Roy Guyther, M.D., 150 Lockshill Rd., Mechanicsville, MD 20659, U.S.A.)


Likely to help

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