Hydroxycitric acid (Garcinia cambogia)

HCA (hydroxycitric acid) is obtained as a 50% standardized extract of Garcinia cambogia, a small fruit from southern India, where it has been used for centuries as a food preservative, flavoring agent and digestive aid. Studies have failed to support the claims that HCA can curb appetite and reduce food intake. It may enhance fat burning in conjuction with exercise and improve exercise capacity.

Typically, 1 capsule 3 times daily 30-40 minutes before meals is recommended.


Hydroxycitric acid (Garcinia cambogia) can help with the following


Physical / Medical Exercise Incapacity

Five days of supplementation with hydroxycitric acid increased time to exhaustion during cycling in a double-blind, crossover study of six untrained women in Korea. [J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo) 2003;49(3):163-7]


Problem Caused By Being Overweight

A well-controlled trial of hydroxycitric acid failed to produce any significant weight loss compared with placebo. This was a 12-week double-blind study in which overweight subjects were randomized to receive 1500mg of hydroxycitric acid daily or placebo.

In another study, also conducted double-blind, placebo-controlled and randomized, researchers sought to see whether hydroxycitric acid supplementation could increase fat oxidation in human subject. The researchers found no significant effect.

[JAMA 1998; 280: pp.1596-1600, Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 1999; 23: pp.867-873]


May do some good

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