Lemons can help with the following

The Immune System  

AIDS / Risk

Reproductive physiologist Roger Short, from the University of Melbourne’s obstetrics department, said a few drops of lemon juice can be a cheap, easy-to-use solution to protect women from both HIV and pregnancy. The juice should be squeezed onto a piece of sponge or cotton wool and placed into the vagina before sex, he said. ”We can show in the lab that lemon juice is very effective in immobilizing human sperm and also very effective in killing HIV… in a 20% concentration.”

The paper refers to additional strategies, including circumcision for men, which more than halves the risk of HIV infection. The virus appears to enter the penis via specific HIV-receptive Langerhans cells on the inner surface of the foreskin. The vagina has its own Langerhans cells that are also the main entry point for HIV in women. Men may also anoint themselves with the acidic juice to prevent transmission.

Lime juice, which has similar acid levels, can also be used. [AllAfrica.com October 4, 2002]


Birth Control Pill / Contraceptive Issues

After investigating traditional contraceptive techniques, an eminent Australian-based scientist, Roger Short, has proved that lemon juice diluted one to five with water kills HIV and sperm within seconds.

Historically, lemon juice on a sponge, or half a lemon placed over the cervix, was widely used as an effective contraceptive. He has shown that 20% lemon juice in human semen irreversibly immobilises 100% of sperm in less than 30 seconds. A similar concentration also rapidly inactivates HIV. Thus intra-vaginal lemon juice might provide a cheap, readily available and extremely effective way of stopping the sexual transmission of HIV, whilst also providing contraception. [AllAfrica.Com October 4, 2002]


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