Non-essential amino acid. Aids in the production of collagen and helps reduce the loss of collagen due to the aging process. Anti-aging properties; heals cartilage, strengthens joints and tendons; improves elasticity of and strengthens the heart muscle.


Proline can help with the following


Increased Risk of Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

See links between Increased Risk of Heart Attack and the treatments Lysine and Vitamin C.


Highly recommended


Amino Acid

An organic acid containing nitrogen chemical building blocks that aid in the production of protein in the body. Eight of the twenty-two known amino acids are considered "essential," and must be obtained from dietary sources because the body can not synthesize them.


The primary protein within white fibers of connective tissue and the organic substance found in tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, teeth and bone.


Specialized fibrous connective tissue that forms the skeleton of an embryo and much of the skeleton in an infant. As the child grows, the cartilage becomes bone. In adults, cartilage is present in and around joints and makes up the primary skeletal structure in some parts of the body, such as the ears and the tip of the nose.

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