Radix Urticae


Radix Urticae can help with the following

Organ Health  

Enlarged Prostate

Radix urticae is another plant investigated for its beneficial properties in treating benign prostate hyperplasia. Much less information is available on radix urticae compared to saw palmetto and what little there is comes from eastern Europe, but there are a few reports that suggest radix urticae extracts may help improve symptoms. [Romics 1987]


Male Hair Loss

It is possible that radix urticae influences the activity of sex hormone binding globulin and its binding to testosterone. [Blutplasmas 1983] Because of this small amount of evidence some people have taken radix urticae as an alternative treatment for androgenetic alopecia. The true potential of radix urticae to treat pattern baldness is unknown.


May do some good

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