For ever 2 hours you are awake, the average brain needs 1 hour of rest. The brain will force you to go to sleep in order to get the rest it needs, even if it means falling asleep at the wheel.

Rest is needed on another level besides sleep. However, we are able to override this need without immediate consequences, like an accident. Many people, by their own choice or involuntarily by the demands placed upon them by circumstances and others, are overworked. This state can go on for an extended period of time with health and psychological consequences slowly mounting.

While it can be hard to recognize what is happening and even harder to make changes, changes must be made or the problems will accumualte until a person collapses, has a nervous breakdown, resents those around them, throws themselves into oncoming traffic, etc..

It is better to voluntarily take steps that give you the rest you need, than wait for forced rest to overtake you. God’s command to rest one day in seven seems a good place to start.


Rest can help with the following


Myasthenia Gravis

Sufferers should get plenty of rest and adjust their activities to avoid unnecessary fatigue. This may include resting frequently as necessary during the day.



Infectious Mononucleosis

To help relieve symptoms, you should get plenty of rest.


Colds and Influenza

Resting in bed and keeping warm are still recognized as an important part in recovering from the cold or flu.





Exercise, deep breathing, and strain on the muscles of the chest may worsen the pain and slow the healing process.

Organ Health  


To prevent worsening of symptoms during episodes of labyrinthitis, keep still and rest during attacks, gradually resuming activity. Avoid sudden position changes, do not try to read during attacks and avoid bright lights.

Tumors, Malignant  

Carcinoid Cancer

Physical stress should be avoided since this can precipitate carcinoid crisis attacks.


Likely to help
Highly recommended


Nervous Breakdown

This is an unofficial term for an event experienced by someone when anxiety or depression escalates to the degree that they find themselves suddenly unable to perform normal functions.

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