Test Urinalysis


Test Urinalysis can help with the following


Cystitis, Bacterial Bladder Infection

Urine culture and susceptibility testing add little to the eventual choice of an antibiotic as treatment because of the limited number of possible pathogens. Many patients, therefore, may receive an abbreviated laboratory work-up using dipstick tests to screen for the presence of bacteria and white blood cells.

If treatment does not improve symptoms, further testing should be done. Cultures need to be performed when the diagnosis is unclear or when there are other risk factors such as a history of recurrent infections. Cultures should also be performed when symptoms such as fever, lower back pain or signs associated with vaginitis are present.

During urinalysis, urine pH is determined. If elevated, lowering it will assist in resolving the infection.

Laboratory Test Needed  

Kidney Function That Should Be Checked

A urinalysis may show protein or other abnormalities. An abnormal urinalysis may occur 6 months to 10 or more years before symptoms of kidney failure appear.


Organ Health  

Increased Risk of Diabetes ll

A test for sugar is included in a standard urinalysis. If found, it is likely due to diabetes.


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