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  Low Fiber Intake  
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Conditions that suggest Low Fiber Intake:
Circulation  Atherosclerosis
 In 573 adults, of whom nearly 1/2 were women, between the ages of 40 and 60, there was a significant inverse association seen between intima-media thickness progression of the common carotid arteries and the intake of water-soluble fiber (viscous fiber), which includes pectin, gums and mucilage. [Am J Clin Nutr. 2003;78: pp.1085-1091]

Risk factors for Low Fiber Intake:
Supplements and MedicationsCounter-indicators:
  (High) psyllium seed use

Symptoms - Food - Intake

  Low fruit/vegetable consumption
  (High) deep-fried food consumption
  (High) fast food consumption
  (High) dairy product consumption

  Frequent soy consumption
  Refined white flour avoidance or refined white flour consumption
  Daily/frequent oat use
  Moderate/high fruit/vegetable consumption

Symptoms - Food - Preferences

  Vegetarian/vegan/raw food diet

Low Fiber Intake can lead to:
Risks  Increased Risk of Colon Cancer
 Low fiber intakes have been strongly linked to an increased risk for developing colon cancer.

Recommendations for Low Fiber Intake:
Diet  Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
  High/Increased Fiber Diet
  Vegetarian/Vegan Diet
  Dairy Products Avoidance
 Consider replacing a significant amount of the dairy products in your diet with high-fiber foods such as those made from fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans or grains.

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