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  Rosemary (Rosemariana officinalis)  
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Increases coronary artery blood flow, historically used to stimulate digestion and relieve nervous tension.


Rosemary (Rosemariana officinalis) can help with the following:
Circulation  Atherosclerosis


  Poor Memory
 Inhalation of rosemary essential oil enhanced overall memory performance and secondary memory factors, but impaired memory speed in a randomized study of 144 people. [British Psychological Society Annual Conference, March 13-16, 2002, Blackpool, UK.]


  Cancer / Risk - General Measures
 Rosemary is a COX-2 inhibitor, and increases the activity of detoxification enzymes. An extract of rosemary, termed carnosol, has inhibited the development of both breast and skin tumors in animals. Rosemary can be used as a seasoning or a tea: Use 1tsp dried leaves per cup of hot water; steep for 15 minutes.

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