Smaller, More Frequent Meals

Small, frequent meals are suggested to optimize digestion and may help you to have a more stable energy level throughout the day.


Smaller, More Frequent Meals can help with the following



As more blood is drawn to the digestive tract, less may be available for maintaining blood pressure. To avoid problems with low blood pressure which occurs after meals, try eating smaller, more frequent meals and resting after eating to lessen episodes of dizziness. Avoid taking hypotensive drugs before meals.



Lab Values  

Elevated Total Cholesterol

Controlling cholesterol levels may be a case of not only what is eaten but how often. Men and women who eat six or more times a day have cholesterol levels that are about 5% lower than those of less frequent eaters. The researchers found lower levels of cholesterol in the frequent eaters regardless of their body mass, physical activity or whether they smoked. From other studies we know that a 5% lowering of cholesterol may be associated with a 10% reduction in coronary heart disease risk. [British Medical Journal, Dec 1, 2001]



Frequent small meals are more effective in stabilizing blood sugar levels than large, less frequent ones. Remember to consume something before symptoms appear. Protein snacks that keep well should be stored in locations such that you always have quick access to food. You may find it helpful to store protein bars or nuts in your car, at work, in your pockets or (for women) in your purse.

Organ Health  


Small, frequent meals are suggested to optimize digestion.


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