Topical Applications


Topical Applications can help with the following

Environment / Toxicity  

Electrical Hypersensitivity

A company called NaturalNano is developing a special paint which will block unwanted cell phone signals.

Nanotechnology is used to mix copper into the paint in a way that deflects radio signals. This could be combined with a filtering device that intercepts phone signals outside the shielded space, effectively letting some transmissions through while blocking others.

The Wireless Association, the leading cell phone trade group, has argued that any method of selectively blocking calls is illegal. However, since the paint is a passive device, rather than an active jammer, it may be allowable under the laws.

Schools, churches, and performance venues have all sought means of effectively limiting calls to true emergencies. [Newsday March 1, 2006]

For doors, walls, floors and ceilings, CuPro-Cote or Silver Lining conductive paints offer very good shielding and are very convenient. Apply like ordinary paint on interior surfaces. You can paint over the conductive paint with a standard latex paint to achieve the desired color and to protect the conductive surface.

You can also cover the walls with a conductive fabric such as FlecTron or Zelt. Apply the fabric as you would a wallpaper, remembering to overlap slightly at the seams to avoid leakage. You can cover over the fabric with a standard wallpaper, paneling or drywall.

Cover windows with conductive plastic film such as Clear-Shield or ISOLUX and/or shielded drapes (or drape linings) with conductive fabric such as See-Thru.



Temporary hair removal can be achieved through depilation or epilation. Continued use of these methods works well for many women. More permanent hair removal may be achieved with methods that destroy the hair follicle (electrolysis). The success of these methods depends a great deal on the skill of the practitioner, and your skin and hair type.

Laser hair removal is newer than electrolysis. Lasers use a special light wave that is absorbed by dark hairs and damages the hair follicle. Laser therapies have not been in use long enough for hirsutism to fully determine how permanent the hair destruction is. Laser treatment is expensive also. Laser treatment should not be used by dark-skinned women and is less effective with blond, red or white hair.



Snorting warm salt water into the nose may help with the symptoms of both allergic and infectious sinusitis. The same solution can be poured or injected into the nasal passage also. Fill a container with a spout (or large syringe) with warm water and add enough salt so the solution tastes salty. With your head over a sink, tilt it to one side until your ear is parallel to the floor, pour/inject the solution into the upper nostril, allowing it to drain through the lower nostril. This is repeated on both sides 2 – 3 times per day.

There is a medical device available which was designed to irrigate the nasal passages. It is called The Grossan Hydro Pulse Sinus System.


Muscle Pains (Myalgia)

Various products have been used for muscle pain. One of the ingredients is usually menthol. One, like [Soothanol X2] contains DMSO along with essential oils. [O2X] contains just essentail oils, but is reported to provide some temporary pain relief. Tiger Balm contains menthol, camphor and some essential oils.



Mineral-rich mud compresses were used daily (5 times per week) for 3 weeks in a blinded trial of 58 patients. Reduced knee pain was reported, which lasted up to 3 months. [J Clin Rheumatol 2002;8(4): pp.197-203]

Organ Health  

Dry Eye

Although many people find temporary relief with artificial tear preparations, they don’t provide a cure. The preservatives in many products can aggravate the condition. Always use eye drops without preservatives. These have been shown to enhance corneal healing and improve dry eye problems.


Problems Associated With Snoring

Dr. Robert M Currie associate clinical professor at Michigan State University who studied a product called “snoreless” (probably similar to another product called “snoreBgone”) in a clinical trial states “I was amazed with the results – nearly 100% of the patients reported an extremely effective response.” Snoreless is a safe, inexpensive mouth spray combining several lubricating oils and nutrients that gives up to eight hours of relief from the maddening noise associated with snoring.



A small study published recently compared the effectiveness of applying duct tape to the common wart to a traditional series of cryotherapy treatments. Study participants were from 3 to 22 years old, suggesting that the treatment could work for adults of all ages. The patients received either a maximum of 6 cryotherapy treatments every 2 to 3 weeks, or 2 months of duct tape therapy.

Duct tape therapy consisted of the applying a piece of duct tape about the same size as the wart and leaving it on for 6 days. During that time, another piece is applied if the previous one falls off. After 6 days, soak the wart in water and rub it with a pumice stone or emery board. Apply a new piece of tape the next morning to start the six-day cycle over again. Continue this process until the wart is gone.

Of those who received duct tape therapy, 85% of patients were able to rid themselves of the warts, compared to 60% of those who received cryotherapy. [Arc Ped Adol Med October 2002;156: pp.971-974]

However, researchers from Maastricht University on Monday (November 6, 2006) wrote in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine that duct tape does not work any better than doing nothing to cure warts in schoolchildren.

Blister Beetle Extract, a prescription item used topically in a doctor’s office, has been successful for eliminating warts when other methods have sometimes failed.


Seborrheic Dermatitis

Gentle shampooing with a mild shampoo is helpful for infants with cradle cap. Mild corticosteroid creams and lotions, or anti-fungal topicals such as ciclopirox or ketoconazole, may also be applied to the affected areas of skin. Adult patients may need to use a medicated shampoo and a stronger corticosteroid preparation. Non-prescription shampoos containing tar, zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, and/or salicylic acid may be recommended by a dermatologist, or a prescription shampoo, cream gel, or foam may be given. As excessive use of stronger preparations can cause side effects, so caution is advised and you should follow a dermatologist’s advice.

Medicated shampoos need to be left on for longer than normal shampoos. Ideally, make the hair wet 10 minutes before your shower/bath. Apply medicated shampoo and massage gently into the scalp. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse off well.

Further discussion of various products can be found on many sites, including the American Family Physician.


Dry skin

Although a veteranary item, try going to your local feed store and picking up some BAG BALM. Dairy farmers use it to soothe dry, cracked udders. Many report good results on dry skin, especially cracking skin and heels. Apply at night, follwed with a plastic bag and then sock. If you don’t like the bag idea, you can just use the sock. It should be used daily and be left on overnight.


Concern Over Wrinkled Skin

There are an abundance of preparations available for topical application to help slow skin aging and improve its appearance. One such product is Trienelle Daily Renewal Creme. Others include prescription products from ApotheCure, such as:

Spider Vein Cream.

Youth ReBorn: 20% Ascorbic Acid Cream.

Dermaheal Essence.

There is a new generation facial peel that should be available in late 2006 developed by Dr. Kalil. It can be used on all skin types, is easy to apply and is painless. It is called the V.I. Peel. Product and training will be available for doctors through ApotheCure Compounding Pharmacy.


Vaginal Dryness

When estrogen levels are normal, topical applications will provide local assistance. You have many choices in lubricants – Replens, Astroglide, Vaseline, K-Y Jelly, Lubrifax, saliva, and mineral oil, to name a few. Yet surprisingly few studies have looked at the effect of vaginal lubricants on sperm motility. Unfortunately, what data we do have suggest that all but pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil seem to adversely affect fertility potential.

Vaginal lubrication is a result of both production of mucus by the cervix as well as fluid produced by cells in the vaginal wall during sexual arousal. Mucus production peaks during the middle of the menstrual cycle, as estrogen levels rise just before ovulation. Many factors can interfere with lubrication, including infection, surgery to treat abnormal Pap smears, and low estrogen levels.


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