Problems Associated With Snoring

Please also see Sleep Apnea, if it is severe enough to be included in your report.


Conditions that suggest Problems Associated With Snoring


Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea manifests itself in most people as loud snoring interrupted by periods of obstructed breathing or breath holding.

Recommendations for Problems Associated With Snoring


MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

Research at Oregon Health Sciences University on 35 subjects suffering from chronic snoring has shown that MSM in a 16% water solution administered to each nostril 15 minutes prior to sleep provided significant reduction in 80% of the subjects after 1 to 4 days of use. As a control, a saline solution was substituted for MSM in 8 of the patients who showed relief with MSM, without their knowledge. 7 of these 8 patients resumed loud snoring. This change occurred within 24 hours of the substitution. After the MSM treatment was restored, these 8 showed a significant reduction of snoring again.

Physical Medicine  

Physical Supports

A MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) is a device worn in the mouth at night to hold it closed and the lower jaw forward. The device increases the space behind the tongue, which lessens snoring and may help obstructive sleep apnoea. They can be obtained from those dentists familiar with them.


Topical Applications

Dr. Robert M Currie associate clinical professor at Michigan State University who studied a product called “snoreless” (probably similar to another product called “snoreBgone”) in a clinical trial states “I was amazed with the results – nearly 100% of the patients reported an extremely effective response.” Snoreless is a safe, inexpensive mouth spray combining several lubricating oils and nutrients that gives up to eight hours of relief from the maddening noise associated with snoring.


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Cessation of breathing.

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