Taurox and the Immune System

The human body contains and produces many chemicals which are important to maintain the immune system. The role of the immune system is to fight various pathogens or disease causing agents that bombard the body daily. The main disease causing agents are bacteria, viruses and fungi. Other agents include particles called prions, which have been recently discovered. However, the body’s immune mechanism is also under attack from pollutants such as vehicle exhaust, industrial effluents, smoke, smog etc. All these factors put together cause a lowering of the effectiveness of the immune system. The result is fatigue, weakness and malaise.

After many years of research, scientists worked to find a compound that would counter the malaise and fatigue associated with illnesses. The result of this research was the discovery of a unique compound based on taurine and beta-alanine. This compound was named COBAT and marketed under the brand name Taurox-SB. Three important benefits of the immune modulating effects of COBAT/ Taurox-SB are:

A)    Pollution: various essential molecules that maintain the immune system are being eroded or destroyed by pollutants from the air, water and food that are consumed by the human body. The result is a lowering of the immune defenses of the body and resultant fatigue. Taurox-SB helps rebuild the immune system by replenishing these vital molecules.

B)    Microbial infections: the human body is under constant assault by various microorganisms which enter the body through air, water and food. These wreak havoc on the immune system and seriously compromise its ability to destroy this constant invasion. Conventional medicines act by directly attacking the viruses or bacteria. Antiviral drugs directly destroy the invading viruses. The other mode of destroying these microorganisms is by the use of vaccines. Vaccines help build immunity by specifically targeting the immunity to a specific bacteria or virus. Examples include chicken pox, cholera and typhoid vaccines. However, Taurox-SB acts by building the overall immunity of the body to a vast set of organisms. The result is improved ability of the body to respond to infections. This response (using Taurox-SB) is of a non specific nature. Hence Taurox-SB cannot be used to treat a specific illness but to radically modulate the immune system to improve its functioning. The result is a dramatic reduction in the fatigue associated with illness.

C)    Stress: modern life is full of stresses which can be of mental and physical nature. The result is the development of a fight or flight reaction. The constant nature of this stress causes a load on the immune system mediated via the sympathetic nervous system of the body. Natural chemicals such as adrenaline flood the body resulting in reduced functioning of the immune system. By modulating the immune system, the fatigue related to stress is overcome by the use of Taurox-SB.

The use of Taurox-SB during illnesses requires higher doses (up to 15 drops per day, orally) for 4 weeks. Even without illnesses, Taurox-SB can be used in smaller doses ( 1 to 2 drops per day orally) to counter the stressful conditions and pollutants that tax the immune system.

For more information on COBAT look here.

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