Low Fiber Intake


Conditions that suggest Low Fiber Intake



In 573 adults, of whom nearly 1/2 were women, between the ages of 40 and 60, there was a significant inverse association seen between intima-media thickness progression of the common carotid arteries and the intake of water-soluble fiber (viscous fiber), which includes pectin, gums and mucilage. [Am J Clin Nutr. 2003;78: pp.1085-1091]

Risk factors for Low Fiber Intake

Supplements and Medications  

(High) psyllium seed use

Symptoms - Food - Intake  

Low fruit/vegetable consumption


(High) deep-fried food consumption


(High) fast food consumption


(High) dairy product consumption

Counter Indicators
Symptoms - Food - Intake  

Frequent soy consumption


Refined white flour avoidance or refined white flour consumption


Daily/frequent oat use


Moderate/high fruit/vegetable consumption

Symptoms - Food - Preferences  

Vegetarian/vegan/raw food diet

Low Fiber Intake can lead to


Increased Risk of Colon Cancer

Low fiber intakes have been strongly linked to an increased risk for developing colon cancer.

Recommendations for Low Fiber Intake





Dairy Products Avoidance

Consider replacing a significant amount of the dairy products in your diet with high-fiber foods such as those made from fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans or grains.


Strong or generally accepted link
Weakly counter-indicative
Strongly counter-indicative
May do some good
Highly recommended



Preparation consisting of a solution in water of the viscous principles of plants; used as a soothing application to mucous membranes.


The part of the large intestine that extends to the rectum. The colon takes the contents of the small intestine, moving them to the rectum by contracting.


Refers to the various types of malignant neoplasms that contain cells growing out of control and invading adjacent tissues, which may metastasize to distant tissues.

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